Yazara SoftPOS technology has the highest security standards

Yazara SoftPOS technology has the highest security standards

For customers and merchants alike, one of the biggest, perceived challenges for SoftPOS usage and widespread adoption continues to be the notion of transaction security. As we all know, perception becomes reality; our goal is to provide a highly compliant, secure form of payment acceptance and at the same time, educate the market to alleviate such concerns.

Enhancing payment security

Security of the payment acceptance process starts with the actual, hand-held device and continues through the flow of transactions from the device to our back-end host and on to the acquirer for processing. The Yazara SoftPOS technology provides one of the most secure ways to accept payments and as part of the solution, we have implemented white-box cryptography and other strong security measures, making it more difficult to break into, even compared to a regular POS device.

What is White-box cryptography?

White-box cryptography is a software solution that secures cryptographic keys, combining obfuscation, encryption, and other transformational techniques to hide and secure keys and algorithms, even if the device is compromised. This methodology is compliant with EMV and PCI standards and usage is certified on behalf of these entities by accredited laboratories for commercial use.

Did you know that there are more than 15 layers of protection in our SoftPOS solution?

Some of the key measures to have the highest security standards include:

• Anti Key-logger
• Emulator detection
• Repackaging detection
• Root detection

• Java Native hooking framework detection
• Anti Java/Native debugger
• Anti user and system screenshot
• Anti screen-mirroring

• Anti screen-reader
• White-box cryptography
• Check trusted keyboard

Soft POS Layers of Protection

By implementing Yazara’s SoftPOS solution, merchants and consumers can rest easy, knowing that their payment transactions are safe and secure.

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