MPoC is changing the future of payments for all businesses

MPoC is changing the future of payments for all businesses

The Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) Security Standards Council released the MPoC Standard in November of 2022, building on the existing SPoC and CPoC standards and providing increased flexibility for payment acceptance by specifying an architecture, product constructs, and a security framework to be used to develop, deploy, use, and maintain COTS-based devices to accept contactless payments. It does so by including the entry of both PIN and contactless cardholder data on the same COTS device and by recognizing that there are different ways in which card-based payments may be accepted securely using these standard devices.

There are many benefits that the new MPoC standard can offer

Significant acceptance growth is anticipated across:

Retail and hospitality are adopting new methods for payments

Standard industry segments that utilize SoftPOS solutions today, such as retail and hospitality, but are quickly adopting new use cases, such as queue busting and personalized acceptance anywhere within a retail location with a COTS mobile device.

Airlines and transit are adopting new methods for payments

New industry verticals, such as airlines and transit, with new use cases that address the offline or semi-offline nature of these operations, compounded with the need, in the case of transit, to process acceptance in near-real-time.

Delivery and distribution companies are adopting new methods for payments

Other industry verticals, including distribution companies, to be able to leverage semi-attended solutions through new use cases.

Consumers are adopting new methods for payments

Potentially allowing for consumers to tap their own device as another, viable use case.

For example, specific to the transit use case, fare collection systems have very stringent, time-sensitive requirements. By combining the solution with the latest Offline Data Authentication (ODA) specification, authentication of the card and the card issuer using cryptography provided in the contactless card chips and readers can be validated, meeting the 500ms target and mitigating risks from counterfeit cards.

As a modular standard that promotes flexibility for payment solution development, additional functionality can easily be integrated and brings together mobile application development and payment acceptance. The new standard will continue to support different integration formats and hosting solutions. Likewise, we continue to build a robust product roadmap, as evidenced above, allowing Yazara to provide customized offerings aligned with the go-to-market strategies of our clients and prospects and superior customer experiences in the process.

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