What is Yazara?

Yazara is a cutting-edge SoftPOS solution and payment acceptance suite designed to transform all smartphones and tablets into POS terminals. Unlike its competitors, Yazara is a one-stop solution for acquiring banks and service providers enabling all merchants to accept EMV contactless or QR-based payments for any amount with PIN.

  • Fast, convenient and secure
  • Frictionless
  • Affordable and cost-cutting
  • Compliant with regulations

SoftPOS with PIN

Yazara SoftPOS with PIN enables smartphones and tablets to be used as POS terminals without any need of additional hardware or dongle. The solution is certified by both VISA and MasterCard. Using Yazara SoftPOS, merchants of all sizes can accept payments of any amount with contactless cards, mobile wallets, and wearables on their own mobile devices


A unique offer to increase contactless usage, SoftPOS Technology.

  • Merchant downloads a small-size SoftPOS application
  • SoftPOS application converts Android-based smartphone or tablet into a POS terminal within a minute and merchants get ready to accept EMV transactions.
  • The application is designed with the highest security standards, mandated by Visa and Mastercard and is based on EMV technology
  • No sensitive cardholder data is kept on the smartphone or tablet, complete system is designed based on PCI DSS regulations.

Why Soft POS?

  • Accepts all kinds of EMV based credit, debit, prepaid cards, and all digital wallets, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Host Card Emulation, Wristbands and Watches.
  • Supports global and domestic payment schemes (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Union Pay, RuPay and compatible with many domestic schemes.)
  • Provides highest security standards. Security and regulatory compliance in place with EMVCo. and PCI DSS standards.
  • Removes POS pollution and reduces investment costs.
  • Creates an innovative image for your business.
  • Creates a low cost and profitable acceptance environment both for merchants and acquirers
  • Fast and convenient to use both for merchants and cardholders.

mPOS Mobile

Smartphones and tablets can be used for business applications to manage merchant’s goods and services while an external device called “mPOS” can accept PIN and EMV contact or contactless cards to complete a payment transaction.

  • Terminal App.
  • Kernel
  • PIN Entry
  • Phone
  • -
  • -
  • Device
  • -

Pin on Glass Mobile

Merchants use an external dongle called “secure card reader” with their mobile phones. Cardholders enter their PIN on merchant’s smartphone or tablet; completing the transaction by inserting or tapping their cards to this reader.

Glass Mobile
  • Business Application
  • Payment Kernel Runs on
  • PIN Entry Capability
  • Phone
  • -
  • Device
  • -
  • -

A unique offer to increase contactless usage, Soft POS Technology.

  • A mobile application needs only Handset with NFC Technology, device independent.
  • Migrates smartphones and tablets to an EMV compliant POS terminals.
  • Takes contactless EMV payments on smartphones and tablets.
  • Accepts all EMV based contactless cards and digital wallets
    • Credit, debit, pre-paid and all digital wallets
    • Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay etc..
    • Active or Passive Wearables
  • Scheme independent, supports Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover and Domestic Schemes.

QR Mobile

Cardholders and merchants can enjoy secure EMV transactions based on QR technology which is already used by a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

Consumer-presented QR

Customer displays the QR code on their mobile device. Merchant uses an optical scanner to scan the QR code.

Merchant-presented QR

Merchant displays the QR code. Consumers use their mobile device to scan the QR code.

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