Why Yazara is the best SoftPOS payment solution?

Why Yazara is the best SoftPOS payment solution?

Yazara provides acquiring banks, service providers and payment facilitators the most user-friendly and intuitive software with the widest range of fully certified SoftPOS architectures and PIN-enabled solution types in the market. With our flexible, cloud-based SaaS solution that supports a wide range of global and domestic payment schemes, there’s no need for our clients to spend time or money on any additional development.

Our clients can take advantage of the different deployment options such as:

• White Label
• App2App (Deep Link) 

And our value-added services including:

• Merchant Portal
• Reporting
• Loyalty
• Digital Receipt

• QR Payment Acceptance
• Embedded Finance
• Multi-Currency Support


Advantages of choosing Yazara’s payment solutions

Mobile payment processing at POS

Unmatched SoftPOS Performance

Our SoftPOS solution performance measures are with the highest standards compared to our competition, which includes registration time of just 13 seconds, processing time of 3 seconds, and the capacity of processing 100 transactions per second.

Yazara leading the global market

Leading the Global Market

Yazara has diverse global market experience and is the number one SoftPOS company with the highest number of active terminals in the field all over the globe.

Woman holding POS

Trusted SoftPOS Solution Provider with Mastercard and VISA

Yazara is one of the first SoftPOS solution providers to have a SDK fully approved by Mastercard and VISA. This means our clients who are developing merchant applications with the Yazara SDK don’t need to go through additional security evaluation.

Yazara close to MPoC certification

Moving closer to MPoC Certification

Full SDK brings Yazara one step closer to the MPoC Certification, aiming to be the first ever MPoC certified SoftPOS solution provider in the globe.

We’re here to help you get started. Contact us and learn more about how we can work together. We will continue sharing with you the latest updates from Yazara. Stay tuned!

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